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bank of dad or mum humorous, rude and Edgy Wine Label sticker for Birthday | wine gift for mum or dad

bank of dad or mum humorous, rude and Edgy Wine Label sticker for Birthday | wine gift for mum or dad

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❤️ Here's to the Bank of Mum and Dad, the pillars of support and the connoisseurs of fine wine! This light-hearted wine label is a humorous tribute to your parents' unwavering love and generosity.

Designed with elegance and a touch of whimsy, this wine label celebrates your parents' role as the Bank of Mum and Dad and their appreciation for a well-deserved glass of wine.

Crafted with a blend of humor and heartfelt appreciation, this custom wine label is sure to bring a smile to your parents' faces as they enjoy the bottle. Like a well-aged wine, your bond with your parents has grown stronger and more precious over time, and this label serves as a joyful reminder of the love and support they've provided.

Printed on high-quality material that reflects both laughter and gratitude, this wine label is easy to apply to any standard bottle. It's a memorable gift that will add a touch of joy and appreciation to your parents' day. Imagine their delight as they receive a bottle adorned with this lighthearted label, symbolizing your unique relationship and the shared moments that make it special.

Let's raise a glass to the Bank of Mum and Dad, whose unwavering love and support have made a significant impact on your life. Embrace the humor and give your parents a gift that honors their role as the guiding force in your journey. Cheers to your parents, the wine enthusiasts, and to the immeasurable value of their love and support!

🥂 - Personalised wine label
🥂 -Featuring the design and a message of your choice (if needed)
🥂 - Printed on splashproof vinyl sticker label
🥂 - Default Size is 5”x 3”
🥂 - Free UK delivery (1-3 working days)

📌* Wine Label Sizes *

🍷 The large and small wine labels will fit most standard 750ml bottles of wine.

🍷 The champagne label size will fit most champagne and prosecco bottles. If you have a particular curved bottle take care when applying the label to avoid little wrinkles.

🍷 The Mini label will fit most mini champagne and prosecco bottles. However, due to the size I would avoid a lot of text as it can become quite hard to read.

🍷 I would recommend grabbing the bottle before and measuring the current label, then chose the closet one available. If it's a particular size please drop me a message and I will make it to that size.

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